Sixth Spanish-Filipino Scientific Congress: Modernizing Criminal Law and Private Law

Euro Asia Vision 2022

10 – 11 June 2022 – Manila, the Philippines

This international Congress is aimed at enhancing the research capacity of Philippine law schools and addressing the following concerns in scholarly advancement vis-àvis policy formulation: academic expertise and research output; modernization of legal codes; human rights awareness and regard for the rule of law; and interest and skill in foreign languages as it impacts cross border legal education and mobility. 

The event is part of the CALESA project (activity 4.4) and will be held on 10 and 11 June 2022 in Manila, in the Phillipines, where experts from Europe and the Phillipines will collaboratively discuss and present papers on the modernization of criminal law and private law.

Registration and updates on the event:

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Teaching in a Digital, Multilingual and Globalized Society: A perspective from the Project Erasmus+ CBHE CALESA

20-21 September 2022 – Lisbon, Portugal

The Conference to be hosted by NOVA School of Law in Lisbon is aimed at allowing CALESA members to both share their experience and build innovative ideas on legal teaching, teacher training and legal research in a Digital, Multilingual and Globalized society, especially shaped by the pandemic of recent years.

 To access the (tentative) programme of the Conference, click here

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Conference on “Common Law as a model for the Philippines”

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Conference on Gender Equality

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Seminar: Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing in Project Coordination

January 2024 – Málaga, Spain

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