Gender Equality Committee

The Gender Equality Committee is another internal body within CALESA’s management structure.

Composition and Functions

It is composed by one representative of each consortium partner institution participating in the CALESA Project and was especially constituted to:

✓ Monitor and report matters concerning gender equality within the project 

✓ Promote equal opportunities and equal participation of women within the execution of CALESA’s activities 

As one of the main objectives of the European Union regarding higher education is to incorporate gender equality into educational policies, CALESA gave special attention to this cross-cutting issue and decided to create the GEC to monitor and make sure the gender perspective is observed throughout its implementation. 

Although GEC will ensure to include the gender equality perspective on all project activities, there are specific tasks designed with this purpose within WP5 of the project’s workplan. Among them, we include:


  1. Training seminars in the Philippines that incorporate gender equality issues.
  2. Incorporation by Philippine educational institutions of subjects that address content related to gender equality
  3. Promoting legal research with a gender perspective 
  4. Ensuring that activities (seminars, congresses, classes, book presentations, etc.) related to gender equality are promoted in the participating institutions.

Gender Equality Committee’s meetings

The committee wil meet twice every year for its ordinary meetings.

Gender Equality Committee outuputs