Project Related Publications

Throughout the project lifecycle, our research team will conduct parallel research activities to those planned and developed within the project. The outcomes of such parallel activities will be disseminated here as a way of supporting future legal researchers in the legal fields encompassed by the objectives of CALESA.

1. Criminal Law Publications

PRIETO DEL PINO, A. M.: Lessons of Spanish Criminal Law. General Part I. Scope of Application of the Spanish Substantive Criminal Law, Aranzadi, 2017, ISBN: 978-84-9135-017-0 (

PRIETO DEL PINO, A. M. / FERNANDEZ CABRERA, M. / FERNANDEZ DIAZ, C. R. / GARCIA MAGNA, D.: Lesson of spanish substantive criminal law. General Part II. Legal theory of crime I. Typicity, Aranzadi, 2021, ISBN: 978-84-1308-790-0 (

1.1 Seminar 2.1 – Knowledge Sharing and the Modernization of Criminal Law

As a result of the Criminal Law research conducted within the project, 2 books were produced and published by the consortium. They can be accessed here:

Book 1:

Book 2:


2. Family Law Publications

DE TORRES PEREA, J.M.: Spanish Modern Family Law through an Analysis of Eighty Landmark Decisions (Dúo), 2021, ISBN: 978-84-1345-839-7 (

3. 6th Spanish-Filipino Scientific Congress: Modernizing Criminal Law and Commercial Law (Booklet)

The booklet contains abstracts from the presentations delivered during the capacity building event held in 10-11 June 2022 at the University of the Philippines as part of the CALESA project. The publication can be accessed here.

4. Publication on Common Law as a Model for the Philippines

As a result of activity 2.33, the article entitled “El debate entre el positivismo metodológico de H.L.A Hart y el iusnaturalismo moderno de Ronald Dworkin y su reflejo en el Derecho civil español. La justicia relacional en la encrucijada” was published. It can be accessed here:

5. Joint publications between UP and AdMU

UP and ADMU have jointly coordinated the publication of the books below:








6. Publication made by USA on Tourism Law

USA has published the book below: