WP leaders’ Committee

The Work package Leaders ‘ Committee is another internal body within CALESA´s management structure.

Composition and Functions

It was especially constituted to monitor and coordinate the organization, planning and implementation of the capacity-building seminars from Work Package 2. There are 12 seminars planned within WP2 and each of these seminars is organized by a leader, who is a member of this committee.

The WPL Committee is charge of:

✓ Planning and organizing all of the seminars from WP2, mainly by ensuring the training proposal forms are duly filled in and submitted to the coordination of the project

✓ Implementing and monitoring the seminars from WP2 taking into account the planned deliverables, milestones and quality requirements for each activity, mainly by ensuring that all forms and surveys created for this purpose are filled in and shared with the coordination of the project.

✓ Sharing information with other Committees so that dissemination and exploitation is carried out properly and project reports are complete and up to date.

✓ Reporting of any possible problems to the Project Coordinator.

WP Leaders’ Committee’s Meetings

The WP Leadears’ Committee holds ordinary general meetings once every 6 months but might meet extraordinarily in special circumstances.

Individual meetings are organized with members of each activity according to the implementation calendar and workplan of the project.