Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is the decision-making body within CALESA’s management structure.

Composition and Functions

The STC is composed by one representative of each consortium partner institution participating in the CALESA Project and it is in charge of the following:

✓ Overall project monitoring

✓ Achievement of project´s objectives through the delivery of its outputs and outcomes

✓ Project progress review and corresponding adjustments to its strategic objectives

✓ Maintenance of project relevance within the programme priorities

✓ Quality Monitoring and corresponding adjustments; 

✓ Conflict resolution: resolving any technical, administrative or contractual issues;

 ✓ Ethical consideration of the project work and deliverables (privacy, legality, authorisations, protection, ethics, personal data and results); 

✓ Approval and distribution of project plans; 

✓ Approval of final versions of technical and financial reports prepared by the Partners;

✓ Communication with other projects and co-ordinating dissemination and presentations;

✓ Other decision-making processes that might impact the overall implementation/management of the project.

Democratic Participation and Equal Votes

Within the STC, each institution’s representative is entitled to an equal vote and decisions are either made unanimously. The democratic participation of all members is one of the key features of CALESA’s decision-making process.  

STC Meetings 

The Steering Committee holds ordinary meetings once every 6 months but might meet extraordinarily in special circumstances.