WORK PACKAGE 1: Preparation

Work Package 1 is composed of 4 activities.
It is dedicated to the initial planning phase of the CALESA project both from the academic and the management perspectives. 

WORK PACKAGE 2: Development

Work Package 2 is composed of 37 activities.

As it focuses on the project implementation and on the capacity building events (seminars, conferences, etc) of CALESA, it is the project’s most important WP.

WORK PACKAGE 3: Quality Monitoring and Control

Work package 3 is composed of  16 activities.

It is dedicated to the quality control and monitoring of the project and involves 2 key actors: the Internal Quality Control Committee and TOQI  (external auditor).

WORK PACKAGE 4: Dissemination and Exploitation

Work Package 4 is composed of activities.

Its activities focus on improving communication between the project and key stakeholders, as well as disseminating all project activities and results. 

WORK PACKAGE 5: Project Management

Work package 5 includes 27 activities.

It is focused on the overall management aspects of the project (those not encompassed by WP1 and WP3) and it involves the constitution of the project’s internal committees, as part of its management structure of the project.  

WP5 also includes activities which focus on the cross-cutting issue of gender equality within the project’s implementation.