Activity 5.3 – Steering Committee Meeting and International Conference in Lisbon

This activity consists in conducting a steering committee meeting on site in Lisbon, Portugal. Representatives from all partner universities will attend.

This activity will also involve an International Conference on “Legal Educational challenges after Covid-19 and the Innovation of University Teaching in a Digital, Multilingual and Globalized society: an Euro-Asian Perspective” and the implementation of activity 3.11 (QCC meeting)
The objective of this activity is to keep all key stakeholders up to date on project progress and also ensure a participatory approach to the project’s implementation.
Sept 2022
Responsible for this activity: UNL – NOVA School of Law
Lisbon, Portugal
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
1 meeting
100% partner institutions participate
1 Conference
100 % speakers with professional background
Audience of at least 40 people
70% of atendees satisfied with event, consider the activity professionally relevant and consider its educational content correspondent to the Filipino reality.
Achieved Outputs
To be described

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