Seminar 2.34 – Final seminar on the Modernisation of law in the Philippines


This was the final event of CALESA in Europe and it was used as a capacity-building opportunity for all partners to plant the seeds for new discussions and training opportunities on the new challenges in private law, global history and the role of the Philippines and Excellence in Legal Education.

It was implemented from 8-10 January 2024 at the University of Malaga, Spain and it was attended by at least 2 representatives of each member of the project consortium.

This activity was implemented simulteneously with acts. 2.37, 4.7 and 5.17

Programme of the event

The programme of the event can be accessed here.

Teaching materials

As a result of the event, the following teaching materials were produced:

  1. Consumer Protection in the subscription economy – Access here
  2. Intellectual Property and Artificial Intelligence – Acess here
  3. Coups in Africa .- Access here
  4. Preparing Financial Law students for Bulls and Bears – Access here