Activity 2.5 – Seminar on Modernization of Commercial Law

This activity consists of 1 main seminar on Modernization of Commercial Law, which will be complemented by 5 side seminars.

It will be implemented as part of a series of events to be held in Manila in June 2022, which involves the following activities:
Activity 2.1 – Seminar on Modernization of Criminal Law
Activity 4.4 – 6th Spanish-Filipino Scientific Congress: Modernizing Criminal Law and Private Law. Euro Asia Vision 2022
The main goals of this activity are:
a) training students and legal researchers in several key aspects of commercial law and legal research;
b) provide participants with an European-Spanish perspective on Common Law to enable comparative analysis to be conducted in the Filipino context.
From 6 to 9 and 13 June 2022
Responsible for the activity: Professor Eugenio Olmedo Peralta

Eugenio Olmedo Peralta (UMA);
Patricia G. Benavides Velasco (UMA);
Enrique Sanjuán y Muñoz and;
Eva María Jiménez Palma (UMA)
Giulia Priora (UNL);
Graça Canto Moniz (UNL);
Margarida Lima Rego (UNL);
Miguel Moura (UNL)
University of the Philippines
The activity will focus on the main developments of the European and Spanish Commercial Law in the last decades. In order to conduct a comprehesive capacity building seminar, it will be structured in the following way:
·        One main seminar: Modernization of Commercial Law
·        Side Seminar: Advertising Law
·        Side Seminar: Data Protection
·        Side Seminar: Insurance Law
·        Side Seminar: Fintech
·        Side Seminar: Financial Instruments
To be implented.
Expected Outputs:

1) 1 seminar
2) audience of at least 40 people
3) at least 70% attendees who respond the survey satisfied with the event, consider the activity as professionally useful and find that its ducational content correspond to the Philippines’ reality
4) Existence of communication efforts to provide event information to attendees
Achieved Outputs

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