Activity 2.5: Seminar on Modernization of Commercial Law .

This is one Seminar  seminars for the faculties of the Partner Country HEIs comparing the Philippine and Spanish legal and justice systems, and their laws on , commerce . The main goal of this Working Package is to focus on the main developments of the European and Spanish Commercial Law in the last decades. Three have been the driving forces for the changes in the Regulation of this field of Law. From an academic point of view, the contents will be designed in consonance with some of the specific curricular contents on the different courses offered by the University of the Philippines and other educational institutions in the Philippines. Amongst them, we may mention the courses on Obligations and contracts, Sales, Agency & Partnership, Credit Transactions, Bill, notes & commercial papers, Corporation Law & securities, Private international Law or Remedial Law. The contents of the proposed activities will especially fit within the curricular objective of the master’s in law (LL.M.) program, so as on specific programs such as the ones covering “Competition Law and Policy” and the one on “Technology, Law and Policy”. Obviously, the formative proposal may also be of interest for other scholars.

The quality plan will contain a series of indicators that will be based on a set of quality standards in order to measure the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and satisfaction of the project. Therefore, the quality of the project is addressed in three strategic areas, quality of the agreements with partners, quality of the mobility and academic scientific quality. 

Course-specific subjects: Advertising Law. Data protection. International Property I&II. Fintech. Financial Instruments. (UNL)

Date: 6 days, May-June 2022

Place:  University of the Philippines UP and Ateneo de Manila University AdMU.

Responsible: Eugenio Olmedo Peralta