Seminar 2.5 – Modernization of the Commercial Law


This is a seminar focused on comparing the Philippine and Spanish legal and justice systems, and their laws on commerce. 

The main goal is to focus on the main developments of the European and Spanish Commercial Law in the last decades.

The content of the sessions will be designed in consonance with specific curricular contents from partner Filipino HEIs, such as Obligations and contracts, Sales, Agency & Partnership, Credit Transactions, Bill, notes & commercial papers, Corporation Law & securities, Private international Law or Remedial Law.

From: 6-9 and 13 June
Manila, the Philippines
Law and policy makers
Faculty and students of CALESA partner institutions
Other interested faculty and students of law
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Fees: Free event


  1. Comité Europeu para a Proteção de Dados – Prof. Francisco Pereira Coutinho (NOVA School of Law)
  2. Second chance mechanism in Insolvency Law – Prof. Carmen de Vivero de Porras (University of Málaga)
  3. Four players at a Golf Match – Prof. Enrique Sanjuan (University of Málaga)
  4. Competition Law and Digital Market: a European Union point of view useful for the ASEAN – Prof. Eugenio Olmedo Peralta (University of Málaga)


  1. European Union rules on international data transfers: lessons from the Schrems saga – Prof. Francisco P. Coutinho (UNL)
  2. European Competition Law Prof. Eugenio Olmedo (UMA)
  3. Introduction to Spanish Commercial Law – Prof. Eugenio Olmedo (UMA)
  4. Contracts and EU Private International Law – Prof. 
  5. A New Legal Approach to A.I. – Prof. Jorge Villalobos (UMA
  6. Managing IP Portifolios in the Digital and AI Era – Prof. Giulia Priora (UNL)
  7. “Lawfare” and the use of commercial law in armed conflicts – Prof. Guilherme Berriel (UNL)
  8. Modernizing Digital Finance: new fintech trends – Prof. Miguel Moura (UNL)