Seminar 2.6: Global History and the Construction of Global Citizenship

This seminar focuses on providing students, legal researchers, legal professionals and other interested parties, with tools and abilities to debate, discuss and develop, through a world history perspective, global citizenship in line with the globalization of the planet.

In the seminar’s presentations three aspects are emphasized: (1) a reflection on current trends in world history; (2) rethinking history from this perspective based on relevant period or themes, and (3) jointly developing ideas and teaching tools applicable to Filipino students. 

At UP – 16 May 2022
At USA – 18-20 and 23-26 May 2022
Manila and Iloilo, the Philippines
Law and policy makers
Faculty and students of CALESA partner institutions
Legal Researchers
Other interested faculty and students of law
Download the programme for the seminar here.

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Fees: Free event


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1. 2019.De Trajano a Adriano: Roma matura, Roma mutans – Prof. Fernando Wulff 


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Panay News – University of San Agustin hosts international seminar on ‘Global History and Construction of Global Citizenship’ 


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