Activity 2.9. Alternative Dispute Resolution Measures and Relational Justice.

The main objective of this academic activity is to approach the different ADR measures as particularly suitable ways to achieve justice in interpersonal legal relationships, as well as, symmetrically, the proposal of relational justice, to be developed in the academic and professional field, each time by a greater number of experts and agents, capable of enriching this novel experience, precisely through ADR measures. 

The quality plan will contain a series of indicators that will be based on a set of quality standards in order to measure the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and satisfaction of the project. Therefore, the quality of the project is addressed in three strategic areas, quality of the agreements with partners, quality of the mobility and academic scientific quality

Date: 6 days, May  2023

Place: Ateneo de Manila AdMU and University of the Philippines UP

Responsible: Antonio Marquez Prieto