Activity 2.9 – Alternative Dispute Resolution Measures and Relational Justice

This activity consists of 2 seminars (2 sessions) on Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Measures and Relational Justice.

The first session will take place in May 2023 and the second in Sept/2023

The main objective of this academic activity is to approach the different ADR measures as ways to achieve justice in interpersonal legal relationships.

The specific objectives of the activity are:
(1) To analyze all types of ADR measures, comparing the advantages and disadvantages, in relation to legal proceedings.
(2) To acquire sufficient notions about the regulatory framework of ADR measures in the European Union and in other areas.
(3) To take into consideration ethical issues that can arise in ADRS, such as the principles of fairness, competence, integrity, etc.
 (4) To introduce the relational justice approach and valuate the enormous possibilities of ADR measures to promote justice in interpersonal relations, the assurance of peace and the protection of human rights and human dignity.
 (5) To study the philosophy of mediation, through a comparative analysis of its possible contexts and roles, including different types of mediation and conciliation.
 (6) Collectively reflect on the possibilities that the figure of arbitration exceeds institutional and commercial limits, to find a global model more oriented to material justice.
 (7) To assess the potential of ODR systems for the development of the collective learning of relational justice, creating an evergrowing base of social awareness content.
 (8) To analyze the figure of the ombudsman as a constant promoter of justice in all areas (public, social, business, private).
May/2023 and Sept/2023
Responsible for the activity: Antonio Marquez Prieto

Rocío Caro Gándar (UMA)
Yolanda De Lucchi López-Tapia (UMA)
María Salas Porras (UMA)
Eva María Jiménez Palma (UMA)
Antonio María Lara López (UMA)
João Pedro Pinto-Ferreira (UNL)
João Zenha Martins (UNL)
Demelsa Benito (UDeusto)
Ateneo de Manila University (AdMU) and University of the Philippines (UP)
Seminars will focus on the following topics:

(a) General and contextual aspects of alternative dispute resolution measures and relational justice.
(b) Alternative Dispute Resolution and Relational Justice
(c) Negotiation, conciliation and mediation
(d) Ombusdman and ODR Systems.
To be implemented
Expected Outputs:

1) 3 seminars
2) audience of at least 40 people
3) at least 70% attendees who respond the survey satisfied with the event, consider the activity as professionally useful and find that its ducational content correspond to the Philippines’ reality
4) Existence of communication efforts to provide event information to attendees
Achieved Outputs:
To be described

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