Seminar 2.9 – Alternative Dispute Resolution Measures and Relational Justice

This seminar is aimed at approaching the different ADR measures as particularly suitable ways to achieve justice in interpersonal legal relationships, as well as, symmetrically, the proposal of relational justice, to be developed in the academic and professional field, each time by a greater number of experts and agents, capable of enriching this novel experience, precisely through ADR measures.

Along with this, the following specific objectives can be pointed out:
1- Analyze the types of ADR measures, comparing the advantages and disadvantages, in relation to legal proceedings.
2- Study the regulatory framework of ADR measures in the European Union and in other areas.
3- Discuss ethical issues related to ADRS and the different types of justice connected with dispute resolution processes.
4- Introduce the relational justice approach and value of ADR measures to promote justice in interpersonal relations, the assurance of peace and the protection of human rights and human dignity.
5- Study the philosophy of mediation through a comparative analysis of its possible contexts and roles.
6- Reflect on arbitration and its institutional and commercial limits to find a global model more oriented to material justice.
7- Assess the potential of ODR systems for the development of the collective learning of relational justice,
8- Analyze the figure of the ombudsman as a constant promoter of justice in all areas (public, social, business, private).
May 2023
AdMU and UP
Law and policy makers
Faculty and students of CALESA partner institutions
Legal Researchers
Other interested faculty and students of law
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