Activity 2.8 – Seminars on International Law and Counter-Terrorism

This activity involves 2 seminars that will focus on International Law and Counter-Terrorism
The main goals of the activity are:
January 2023
Responsible for the activity: Professors Alejandro Sánchez Frías

Ana Salinas de Frías (UMA);
Alejandro Sánchez Frías (UMA);
Ignacio Álvarez Arcá (UMA);
Athina Sachoulidou (UNL);
Vasco Becker-Weinberg (UNL);
Richard Collins (UCD)
The topics to be developed during these seminars are important due to three main factors: first, because of the global dimension that current international terrorism has acquired, according to which new phenomena, new concepts and new challenges have appeared and which require a new legal approach; second, the challenges posed by this new reality is in urgent need to be solved from a legal point of view, in particular taking into account new problems connected with the new forms of implementing terrorist attacks and keeping in mind the importance of a preventative approach; and third and foremost, due to the fact that The Philippines is a sovereign state most affected by the threat and action of terrorist groups. 
To be implemented
Expected Outputs:

1) 2 seminars;
2) audience of at least 40 people
3) at least 70% attendees who respond the survey satisfied with the event, consider the activity as professionally useful and find that its ducational content correspond to the Philippines’ reality
4) Existence of communication efforts to provide event information to attendees
A bonus academic event to complement this activity has been held with CALESA.

Topic: Seminar on international maritime law
Date: 14/11/2020
Place: USA
Format: online
Responsible: Prof. Alejandro Sánchez Frías
Audience: professors and students of the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University