Activity 2.8: Seminar on 8.1.International Law and Counter-Terrorism/ 8.2.

Piracy and maritime security threats at sea  This is one seminar  for the faculties of the Partner Country HEIs, divided in two parts: It seems needless to remark the importance of the topic dealt with in this proposal, in particular due to three main factors: first, because of the global dimension that current international terrorism has acquired, according to which new phenomena, new concepts and new challenges have appeared and which require a new legal approach; second, the challenges posed by this new reality is in urgent need to be solved from a legal point of view, in particular taking into account new problems connected with the new forms of implementing terrorist attacks and keeping in mind the importance of a preventative approach; and third and foremost, due to the fact that The Philippines is a sovereign state most affected by the threat and action of terrorist groups.   

The quality plan will contain a series of indicators that will be based on a set of quality standards in order to measure the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and satisfaction of the project. Therefore, the quality of the project is addressed in three strategic areas, quality of the agreements with partners, quality of the mobility and academic scientific qualityCourse-specific subjects: International Humanitarian Law. The International Law of the Sea. (UNL)

Date: 6 days, January 2023

Place: University of the Philippines, UP 

Responsible 8.1: Ana Salinas de Frías

Responsible 8.2: Richard Collins