Seminar 2.8 – International Law and Counter-Terrorism


This activity involves 1 seminar that will focus on International Law and Counter-Terrorism. The main goals of the activity are to:
a) provide the audience with a new perspective on international terrorism, considering the appearance of new phenomena, new concepts and new challenges and, therefore, a new legal approach to this issue;
b) discuss new legal ways to prevent and stop terrorism, taking into account new problems connected with the new forms of implementing terrorist attacks and keeping in mind the importance of a preventative approach.
c) analyse this matter in the Filipino context

Session 1 – Seminar on International Law and Counter-Terrorism

University of the Philippines in collaboration with the Univrsity of Málaga, NOVA School of Law and University College Dublin

Date6-10 Feb 2023
WhereUP – School of Law
House of Representatives – Manila, PH
Presidential Palace – Manila, PH
Target AudienceJudges
Law and policy makers
Faculty and students of CALESA partner institutions
Legal Researchers
Other interested faculty and students of law
ProgrammeDownload the programme of the seminar
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FeesThe event is free.
Outputs1. Introductory Aspects of International Cooperation in Criminal Matters against terrorism – Prof. Alejandro Frías
2. International Law of the Sea, Piracy and Maritime Security – Prof. Richard Collins
3. Counter-terrorism and Human Rights in the case of the European Courts of Human Rights – Prof. Ana Salinas de Frías
4. The Harmonization of Terrorist Offences at EU level – Prof. Athina Sachoulidou
5. The International Counter-terrorism response and its impact on Spanish Criinal regulation – Prof. Elena Hernández
6. Human Rights in EU cooperation criminal matters – Dr. Alejandro Sánchez Frías

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