Activity 2.4: ASEAN and regional integration.

It is divided into five (5) parts: ASEAN and EU regional integration models, Security and disaster management, gender equality considering SDG objectives, Environmental Law and Southeast global politics. 

The quality plan will contain a series of indicators that will be based on a set of quality standards in order to measure the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and satisfaction of the project. Therefore, the quality of the project is addressed in three strategic areas, quality of the agreements with partners, quality of the mobility and academic scientific quality

Course-specific subjects: 

1.- Regional integration: process of regional integration: structures, values, Powers distribution, normative sources. (Prof. Elena del Mar García Rico)

2.- Security and disaster management and regulation (Prof. Andrés Bautista-Hernáez)

3.- Gender equality in context of regional integrations considering SDG Objective 5 (Prof. Magdalena M. Martín Martínez y Prof. Carolina Jiménez Sánchez)

4.- Environmental Law: Environmental Security and Implementation (Prof. María Isabel Torres Cazorla)

5.- South East Asia in Global Politics (UNL)

Date: 4 days, online: September-October 2021; face to face course: December 2022.

Place: Online; face to face: Ateneo de Manila (AdMU) and University of the Philippines

Responsible: Andrés Bautista-Hernáez