Activity 2.37 – Seminar: Capacity Building and Knowledge Sharing in Project Coordination

This activity consists in a seminar aiming to strenghten the capacity of our Filipino partners not only in participating in future capacity building CBHE Erasmus+ projects as partners, but also as possible future coordinators.

It is part of a series of activities to take place in Málaga in Jan/2024, which involve the following activities:
Activity 2.34; Activitiy 2.35, 2.36 and 4.8
Activity 5.17 – CALESA’s final meeting
The objective of this activity is to reflect, analyse, discuss the best practices for the participation of Filipino institutions as partners and coordinators in CBHE Erasmus+ projects
Responsible for this activity: UMA (José Manuel Torres)
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
1 conference
100 % speakers with professional background
Audience of at least 40 people
70% of atendees satisfied with event, consider the activity professionally relevant and consider its educational content correspondent to the Filipino reality.
Achieved Outputs
To be described

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