Activity 2.37 – Final Conference – “Implementation of the Calesa Project: Final results, proposals and strategy for its sustainability over time”

This activity consists in the final Conference to be held within the project, in which its results (both from a quantitative and from a qualitative perspective) will be shared, reflected on and disseminated. It will be implemented alongside its dissemination activities foreseen in activity 4.7.

It is part of a series of activities to take place in Málaga in Jan/2024, which involve the following activities:
Activity 2.34 – Final course
Activitiy 2.35, 2.36 and 4.8 – Publication and dissemination of research and translated materials
Activity 5.17 – CALESA’s final meeting
The objective of this activity is to reflect, analyse, discuss and share the results of Project CALESA and find ways to ensure its sustainability after its funding period.
Responsible for this activity: UMA (José Manuel Torres)
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
1 conference
100 % speakers with professional background
Audience of at least 40 people
70% of atendees satisfied with event, consider the activity professionally relevant and consider its educational content correspondent to the Filipino reality.
Achieved Outputs
To be described

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