Activity 2.3 – Seminar on Multilingualism, The Philippines and Linguistic Tools and International Convention on Philippine Literature in Spanish

This activity consists of 2 seminars and a Convention.

Both sessions of the seminar will focus on the Common Framework of Reference for the Languages: Learning, Teaching and Assessment issued by the European Council in 2001 and recently updated by a Companion volume in 2018. Sessions will also focus on the Teaching of Spanish as a second language, the language of advertising and close vs. distant reading.
The main goals of this activity are: 1) to disseminate “plurilingualism” and interculturality among its member states and 2) to highlight the value of Philippine literature written in Spanish in order to emphasize its connection with the Spanish-speaking community and its relevance in the Asian context.
Seminar 1: 23-06-2021 to 25-06-2021
Seminar 2: May/2023
Convention: 02-11 a 03-11-2023
Responsible for the activity: Professor Juan Antonio Perles Rochel

Juan Antonio Perles Rochel (UMA)
Rosario Arias Doblas (UMA)
Sara Robles Avila (UMA)
Francisco Pineda Castillo (UMA)
Javier Calle Martín (UMA)
Gonzalo Martínez Etxeberria (UDeusto)
Seminar 1: online
Seminar 2: University of the Philippines (2 days); University of San Agustin (USA – 5 days) and Ateneo de Zamboanga University (AdZU – 3 days)
Convention: UMA – Spain
These (2) seminars are to be conducted experts on Asian studies, philology and language acquisition.

The first is on the historic links between the Philippines and Spain within the context of: (a) the rise of Asia; (b) cultural and economic globalization; (c) multipolar international framework, and the need for present-day legal professionals for multilingual and multicultural skills.

The second is on linguistic tools to study, preserve and develop another language.
Partially implemented
Expected Outputs:

1) 2 seminars and 1 convention
2) audience of at least 40 people
3) at least 70% attendees who respond the survey satisfied with the event, consider the activity as professionally useful and find that its educational content correspond to the Philippines’ reality
4) Existence of communication efforts to provide event information to attendees
Achieved Outcomes (until July/2021):

1 seminar;
audience of 350 people;
90% of attendees who respond the survey consider the activity as professionally useful and find that its educational content corresponds to the Philippines’ reality;
more than 70% of attendees who respond the survey were satisfied with the event.
Information of the event was provided beforehand to participants. 
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