Activity 2.11. Civil Law.

Modernization of Family and Succession Law. Obligations Law. Real rights. Training course for Faculty Members, attorneys and judges on the modernization of the Philippine Family Law and Succession Law. This course is based on the recent Spanish experience, especially after the reforms of 1981 and following years in order to adapt the Spanish Family Law to the requirements of the Spanish Constitution of 1978; and the contributions of Spanish scholars in matter of Succession Law.

The quality plan will contain a series of indicators that will be based on a set of quality standards in order to measure the effectiveness, sustainability, impact and satisfaction of the project. Therefore, the quality of the project is addressed in three strategic areas, quality of the agreements with partners, quality of the mobility and academic scientific quality

Course-specific subjects: Anthropology of Law. Law and Cinema. (UNL) and Tourism Law.

Date: 6 days, December 2023

Place: University of the Philippines & University of San Agustin UP/USA 

Responsible: José Manuel de Torres Perea