Activity 2.1 – Two Seminars on Modernization of Criminal Law

This activity consists of 2 seminars on the modernization of Criminal Law.

It will be implemented as one of a series of activities to be held in the Philippines in June/2022, which includes:
Activity 2.5 – Seminar on Modernization of Commercial Law
Activity 4.4 – 6th Spanish-Filipino Scientific Congress: Modernizing Criminal Law and Private Law. Euro Asia Vision 2022
The 2 main goals of this activity are:

1. Improve the capacity of participants on the re-elaboration process of Criminal Law courses
2. Conduct extensive research to provide materials that can server as reference for modification of PH criminal legislation
From 6 – 9 June/2022
Responsible for the activity: Profressor José Luis Diez Ripollés

Seminar 1:
Professor José Luis Díez Ripollés (UMA) 
Professor Carmen Fernández (UMA) 
Professor Marta Fernández (UMA) 
Professor Elisa García España (UMA) 

Seminar 2:
Anabel Cerezo Domínguez (UMA)
Deborah García Magna (UMA)
Ana María Prieto del Pino (UMA)
José Becerra Muñoz (UMA)
Elena Avilés Hernández (UMA)
Athina Sachoulidou (UNL)
PHILJA – Philippine Judicial Academy
Some areas of Philippine Law are outdated because the Codes inherited from the Spanish colonial era have been substantially retained. This implies a double reality, that of updating the codes and that of updating the teaching programmes of the Law Schools. It is perhaps criminal law that suffers most from this lack of updating.
To be implemented
Expected Outputs:

1) 2 seminars
2) audience of at least 40 people
3) at least 70% attendees who respond the survey satisfied with the event, consider the activity as professionally useful and find that its educational content correspond to the Philippines’ reality
4) Existence of communication efforts to provide event information to attendees
Achieved Outputs
To be described.

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