University of Deusto

The University of Deusto was founded in 1886 by the Society of Jesus, in Bilbao, in the Bask Country in the north of Spain.  This University has a Project focused on the value of the person. The objective is that the students become excellent professionals and, especially, people formed in values such as freedom, solidarity, justice and peace. The Vision of the University of Deusto, included in the Strategic Plan, is that of a University committed to excellence in the coherent development of its values, a University with an efficient organisation, capable of anticipating the rapid transformations of society, committed to the social and cultural change of Basque society and valued internationally. In this last aspect, its international research projects stand out, as well as its shared leadership with the University of Gröningen (Holland) in the Tuning Project, which promotes the adaptation to the European model of higher education. This project has had a long history and has not only spread to the entire European university environment, in which more than two hundred universities were involved, but has also been extended to other continents.

The Faculty of Law is connected since its birth to the origin of the University of Deusto. It has more than 130 years old and, since its beginnings, has enjoyed a recognized prestige at a national and an international level, both for the quality of the studies given and for the high level of its professors and students.

At present, the Faculty offers the Degree in Law, with the possibility of combining it with an Economic Specialty or an ICT, as well as the Degree in Labor Relations. In recent years it has also offered the combined programs of official studies in Law plus Business Administration, plus Communication Studies and plus International Relations.

In its desire to be at the forefront of the university studies, and relying on its experience, the Faculty of Law offers the Master’s Degree in Access to the Legal Profession, the Master’s Degree in Management of Maritime Port Companies and Maritime Law, the Master’s Degree in Tax Advisory, and the Master’s Degree in Business Law. These are joined by other postgraduate degrees such as the Expert in Insolvency Law, Public Contracts, Social and Labor Auditing and Compliance and Digital Law.

Finally, this offer is completed with Doctorate Studies in Economic and Business Law offered by the University of Deusto together with the Universities of Comillas (Icade) and Ramón Llul (Esade) from the academic year 2013-2014.

Its three Jean Monnet Chairs, the subjects offered in English, the promotion of the international mobility of students and teachers, or the offer of the complementary Bridge Program that encourages international in-company stays, among others, show the effort to make the international dimension one of the strengths of the Faculty.