CALESA team’s condolences due to the passing of Atty Cesar Tirol

In memory of César Tirol

Cesar Tirol, Attorney , Doctor in Law, former Dean of the School of Law of San Agustin, and father of Dean Jose Mari Tirol, was an exceptional person full of youthful spirit and initiative. I had the good fortune to meet him and he was able to transmit to me all his enthusiasm and his memories of his time in Madrid, when he did his doctoral thesis at the Universidad Central de Madrid. César has been an inspiration to me in rebuilding the bridge between the Philippines and Spain, he never betrayed his hospitable and courageous character. That is why I ask all of you in the CALESA Project to pray and pray for César. From the project we send our deepest condolences to Jose Mari Tirol and to the University of San Agustin, we have lost one of the greats, but he will remain here in our memory forever,


José Manuel de Torres Perea

Coordinator of Project Erasmus+ CBHE CALESA