Activity 5.17 – Final Project Meeting – UMA

This activity consists in the Final Meeting of the project.

This conference will be part of a series of events to take place in January 2024 in Málaga, including:
Activity 2.34 – CALESA Final Course at UMA
Activity 2.37 – Final Conference on the Implementation of the CALESA project
Activity 4.7 – Dissemination actions related to CALESA´s final course
Activities 2.35, 2.36 and 4.8 – Publication of research results and its dissemination actions
The objective of this activity is to the closing event of the project and the goal is to discuss its results and future measures for its sustainability after the funding period is over.
January 2024
Responsible for this activity: UMA
Málaga, Spain
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
1 meeting
100% partners participate
Achieved Outputs
To be described