Activity 5.16 – Seminar on Gender and Legal Education – UCD

This activity consists in a Seminar on Gender and Legal Education to be hosted by UCD in Dublin, Ireland.

This conference will be part of a series of events to take place in July 2023 in Dublin, including:
Activity 2.33 – Conference on “Common Law as a model for the Philippines”
Activity 5.4 – Steering Committee Meeting
Activity 4.5 – DEC meeting
Activity 4.6 – Dissemination actions for the Conference on Common Law as a model for the Philippines
Activity 5.7 – Gender Equality Committee Meeting

The objective of this activity is to build the multilingual legal research capacity of the Partner Country HEIs. especially in regard to transversal issues such as gender equality.
3-5 July 2023
Responsible for this activity: UCD
Dublin, Ireland

Programme of the seminar: please download it here.

To register and watch the seminar online, please use the link below:

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Expected Outputs
1 monitoring visit

Achieved Outputs
To be described