Activity 4.8 – Dissemination of the publications of the results of research in Criminal and Civil Law

This activity consists in the dissemination of the publications resulting from activities 2.35 and 2.36.

It will be developed as part of a series of activites to be implemented in Málaga in Jan/2024, including:
Activity 2.34 – Final global course
Activity 2.37 – Final Conference on “Implementation of CALESA project”
Activity 4.7 – DEC Meeting
Activity 5.17 – CALESA’s final meeting
The objective of this activity is to disseminate and discuss CALESA’s research outputs
January 2024
Responsible for this activity: UMA
UMA – Málaga, Spain
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
Dissemination of the outputs from activities 2.35 and 2.36
Achieved Outputs
To be described