Activity 2.36 – Publication of the results of the Criminal Law and Civil Law research in the Philippines

This activity consists in publishing translated materials concerning Criminal and Civil Law in the Philippines.

It will be developed as part of a series of activites to be implemented in Málaga in Jan/2024, including:
Activity 2.34 – Final global course
Activities 2.35 and 4.8 – Publication of research outputs and their dissemination actions
Activity 2.37 – Final Conference on “Implementation of CALESA project”
Activity 4.7 – DEC Meeting
Activity 5.17 – CALESA’s final meeting
The objective of this activity is to produce materials in English and Spanish to help and support legal researchers from partner HEIs and, hence, contribute to improving their legal research capacity.
Responsible for this activity: Filipino partners (assisted by UMA)
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
Publication of 2 books
Achieved Outputs
To be described

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