Activity 2.33 – Seminar on “Common Law as a model for the Philippines” – Dublin

This activity consists in an International Seminar on “Common Law as a model for the Philippines”, which is to be implemented with its correspondent dissemination actions from activity 4.6.

This international event will be part of a series of events to take place in Ireland (Dublin) in July 2023, including:
Activity 5.16 – Seminar on Gender Equality
Activity 5.4 – Steering Committee Meeting
Activity 4.5 – DEC meeting
Activity 5.7 – Gender Equality Committee Meeting
The objective of this activity is to build the multilingual legal research capacity of the Partner Country HEIs.
To be implemented in July/2023
Responsible for this activity: UCD (Richard Collins)
To be implemented
Expected Outputs
1 conference
100 % speakers with professional background
Audience of at least 40 people
70% of atendees satisfied with event, consider the activity professionally relevant and consider its educational content correspondent to the Filipino reality.
Achieved Outputs
To be described

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